Merry Christmas..!!!

  Children are the ray that brightens up parent’s day They are the light in the dark They are the life most beautiful spark They are such a sweet soul They play the most important role Always stay blessed in life A loving wish from a Mom Merry Christmas..!!!!

Best Hair Pack for Dandruff Free Hair..!!

What could be on the top of a Girl’s Wishlist???? Bingo!!! You got that Right- HAIR Nothing can be better than getting a 100% Natural Hair Mask that tailors all your hair care queries & guarantees to give the best results in just one wash. It is none less than a Hair Elixir that goes…

Pineapple Raita..!!

Pineapple Raita is one of the Best Combo of creamy yogurt perfectly blended with fresh pineapple chunks. Fresh Pineapple blended in Yogurt will give you a cooling & refreshing savour much needed to beat the sweltering heat in summers. It is best served as an accompaniment/side dish with your meal like Biryani, vegetable pulao or…

Cold Coffee..!!

If you are a coffee lover and don’t have the slightest clue where to start from then this is the right place for you. Mesmerize your taste buds with the authenticated cold coffee from DAILY KITCHEN. Our 2 minutes cold coffee recipe can be prepared in just no time and will rejuvenate your soul. Add…

Healthy Sprouts Salad..!!

If you’re looking for something light, healthy, fat free, tasty & a rich source of Proteins and Vitamin C then SPROUTS are the right choice for you. A hassle free recipe, low on cost & with innumerable health benefits. Video Link-  Recipe for Sprouts Salad: Materials required: 100 grams whole moth (sabut moth). 1/2 small spoon Salt….

Vegetable Idli

Aren’t you bored of getting the same Idli served whenever you get a craving for South Indian? If the answer is a YES then get ready to mesmerize your taste buds with the spicy vegetable idli recipe from Daily Kitchen. It is the time to roll up your sleeves & start cooking with us. Our…

“Remedy that Fights Against All Sorts of Toothache”

Well it might sound astonishing that how come a single remedy fits in so well for all Oral Hygiene related queries. The remedy is none less than a “Tooth Elixir”. Before I penetrate into the detail I would like to address the following:- Root Cause:- Intake of Cold Items soon after the consumption of Hot items….

Macaroni(with Maggie Masala)

Macaroni with Maggi masala is indeed a unique variation of macaroni. Generally macaroni is served with cheese but I have tried giving it a little twist by adding Maggi masala to it. You will experience a rich taste of Maggi with every bite you take. It can be prepared in just no time & is very…

HomeMade Haldi Powder

The flavor of the food largely depends on the spices you add to them. I have started making  Homemade Spices since a long time back  & the outcome was PHENOMENAL. These spices are freshly made, easily blended & mixed up, easy to store & adds up a very unique flavor to your food making it your…

Paneer ki Bhurji

There is always an unusual delight on my face whenever I cook Paneer ki burji for my family. The smile on their face remains intact with the every bite they take. Paneer ki bhurji is prepared using crumbled or grated paneer with generous use of homemade spices, onions, tomatoes & chopped coriander leaves sprinkled all…

Navratri Special

Navratri is one of the most special festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu Deity “Maa Durga”. The main course recipes for Navratri Vrat/Fast include items prepared from either Sabudana or Kuttu Ka Aata.  

Hair Care

Since ages hair has always been an Epitome of Femininity & is considered as one of the Jewel’s in her life. So keeping that in mind we have come up with our very own Hair Mask that will not only solve your hair related queries but also will make them Bouncy and Shiny.