Best Ways To Fight Water Deficiency

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Contemplative thoughts are a result of long term studies & deep observation..!!! I have been observing this trend since a long time back that how much neglectful youth have become on their water drinking habits. I start frowning thinking about how adversely these habits are going to impact them in the long run. They always come up with different reasons of getting excused for their Incautious Habitude.

So here I have tried listing down some of the Best Possible Ways to overcome water deficiency in body:

  • Make it a daily practice to consume atleast 2 glass of lukewarm water before using the washroom in the morning.
  • Include Juicy & Seasonal Fruits in your Daily appetite.
  • Consume coconut water, homemade lemonades, aaam panna, buttermilk with bhuna jeera & vegetables with gravy.
  • Eat carrot, reddish, oranges, pomegranate, sweet lemon(mausami), watermelon, cucumber, mango, melon, kakdi etc. as they have high content of juice and fiber in them.

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