“Remedy that Fights Against All Sorts of Toothache”

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Well it might sound astonishing that how come a single remedy fits in so well for all Oral Hygiene related queries. The remedy is none less than a “Tooth Elixir”. Before I penetrate into the detail I would like to address the following:-

  • Root Cause:- Intake of Cold Items soon after the consumption of Hot items.
  • Outcome:- Poor Digestion & High Sensitivity

So friends If are indulging in the above listed activities, It’s time to be cautious……..

Through my blog I’m gonna share an amazing remedy that work wonders for any sort of toothache….

  • Take a 1/2 small spoon sendha (lahori salt) , 1/4 small spoon turmeric powder and mix them well in mustard oil.
  • Apply the mixture gently on your gums & then rub the rest of it on your teeth.
  • Keep it for 10-15 minutes before you rinse off your mouth with water.
  • Grind the sendha (lahori salt) at least 3 times in a grinder so that it gets crushed very finely and can be applied evenly on your gums & teeth.
  • Repeat the process every morning.

You will get guaranteed results in just “one week’s time”

Another remedy:– Use a pinch of homemade Turmeric Powder with mustard oil on your gums.The bitterness of turmeric powder kills the cavity in your teeth. In case you want to learn HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE TURMERIC POWDER click here

I hope this remedy suits your purpose and helps you regain your healthy white shiny teeth..

With love
Renu Gupta

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