You can’t beat a HEALTHY HEART

All of us are familiar with the World’s Greatest Saying of all time “A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. This phrase has a profound impact on our internal & external well-being. For a healthy mind & body it is imperative to strike the right balance between the two. It is quite unfortunate that these days children have to leave their nests to pursue higher studies and grasp good career opportunities.

In coping with all this, they forget the most important of all “Their health & well- being”. Henceforth, young people have assorted themselves to junk to such extent that they have started losing out on a healthy appetite.

Going to Cafes, food joints, restaurants has become a regular practice for many people which is not only “ALARMING” but can have dreadful result afterwards. Well said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but the question arises that why is it not applicable to the food that we eat?

Youth finds junk very tempting and alluring forgetting the fact that these commercially prepared processed foods are high in sodium, salt, fat and calories unlike the ‘Home Made  Healthy Food’.

Pizza, French Fries and Potato Chips when consumed in high quantities not only causes ‘Subsequent Weight Gain’ but also leads to unexpected increase in blood pressure and stroke risk.

The biggest Misconception youth holds in their mind can be easily explicated from the statement “slim people are the fittest people”. Friends losing those extra Inches can only make you slim & enhance your outer appearance but doesn’t guarantees internal fitness at all. I have always believed in the fact “A Person with a healthy digestion is a healthy person”. In order track our internal well-being we must focus on the following:

What we eat, how we eat and when we eat? These questions will give an answer to all your Health Related Queries.

Always remember “A healthy body is a body free from Illness”. I am not against eating Junk but please do not make it an Addiction. Multi Grains, Veggies, Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Roughage, Green Vegetables, Cereals, Dairy products should definitely be a part of your daily appetite. So friends always remember fitness and health comes from DAILY KITCHEN

My simple Fitness Mantra

“Eat Healthy, Stay Fit!! Exercise and Be A hit”

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